Beta Pitch – Corona Virus

The major shift in my DA has been where I am getting that primary source of information from. I was once relying on interviews as a source of information, however, I have realised that is not realistic. So I am now relying on my Facebook Page UOW Rants, as well as my twitter feed for that information.

One thing I did not really get to engage with in my pitch is how my DA addresses the future. Nobody expected the Coronavirus to turn out how it did, and that is one reason i really wanted to focus on it, as it had never been done before. However, I realise that is impossible to predict the future (unfortunately), so I decided to look at how it will affect the future of online learning. How have students felt about online learning in the past, how they currently feel about online learning and how this will affect the future of online learning.

Here are some links to sources that I am going to use in my final blog post. The address how students have reacted to online university.


2 thoughts on “Beta Pitch – Corona Virus

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    Hi Gemma,
    Love your idea, especially since it’s extremely relevant to all of us here at UOW!
    I think you’re strategy of gaining insight into students feelings, through UOW rants, is a sure way of you getting feedback to both form and support your ideas (found through news releases and academic studies).
    Personally, I think it could be interesting to find out about the future of learning for next semester, next year, and also how these changes might impact the direction UOW is heading in over the next 5 years. For example, how is COVID affecting the way tutors, lecturers, and students teach and learn, will we get used to this, how has this financial punch affected UOW, and how will the uni experience differ for those beginning their degree next year?
    Honestly, there are so many questions that you could answer, and I think your topic has left you lots of room to explore different avenues!
    This one article believes that COVID will influence most degrees to offer primarily online lectures. It also suggests a few different changes which might be interesting to you!
    Good luck Gemma 🙂


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